​​​​Say It with a  Sticker!

Need to establish an emotional connection with your customers and to constantly remind them about your brand in a smart way? Looking to impress someone special? Customized sticker pack is an excellent gift and a great way to express yourself and your business!

From iMessage® to photo editors....we've got you covered. iMessage Stickers will join the 200K messages sent every second. 

Whether you need stickers for iMessage® conversations, something to decorate your photos with or an entire sticker app for the App Store® ,  customised stickers are a fun and thrilling way to communicate. 

iOS 10 lets you drag iMessage stickers on top of any part of an iMessage conversation. 

What is a customised sticker pack? It's your life....in a sticker form! Your brand, your car, your yacht, your pet or your catch phrases and signature looks... you name it. Your branded products, your logo or emoji of you and your friends - anything can be made into a sticker which will turn your day-to-day conversations into a fun creative playground.

Our designers have a fine art background and are able to create a spitting image of whatever or whoever you want to have in your pack, in a high resolution graphics.


  • iMessage®
  • Photo editors
  • iPhone® & iPad® applications 
  • Corporate & personal branding
  • Social media
  • Online advertising
  • Digital marketing strategy

Don't take us for our word. Try it!

Watch how we create a sticker pack